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OPS535 A1

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= Due Date =
* Test and Evaluation report: July 3rd30 October, 2018.* Demonstration: July 5th30 October, 2018.
= Tools for Assignment 1 =
* [ Scripts for downloading and cloning VMs for Case Study 1] - Scripts created by Colin Y. and hosted on Github
* <font color='red'>Updates:</font> [ Sample Script on github] for pulling Domain registration information from the [[Domainreg| CDOT wiki page]] and creating DNS resource records for the root zone file to be used in your root name server. Please note that the script only creates RRs for delegating registered domain, but not registered networks. <font color='blue'>Please also note that this script has been updated on Oct 19, 2016 as the old script does not work for the new wiki format.</font>
== Raspberry Pi Resources ==
* [ Raspbian]
= Completing the Assignment =
* Submit your Test and Evaluation report before the due date (40% of you assignment grade)
* Show up in class on the due date to demonstrate that all your VMs are working as prescribed.(60% of your assignment grade.)

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