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DPS909/OSD600 Fall 2018 Release 0.1

No change in size, 14:53, 24 September 2018
Filing an Issue
Recently, a Pull Request was merged in Filer [ adding support for the new fsPromises API]. However, no tests were added with the code. We now need to add tests for all aspects of this new API.
You are asked to find one thing that needs to be tested as is currently not. For example, you might test to make sure that performing a series of steps with the fsPromsies fsPromises API works as expected (files are created or deleted or altered as you expect). You are encouraged to study the node.js tests for ideas.
When you file your bug, you should first make sure that no one else has already filed the same thing. This is known as a "dupe" (i.e., a duplicate bug). When you file your bug, make sure you include enough information to make it clear what the problem is. For example, "Add test case for using f() when x and y are true." You can include links to code you find in node, or snippets of code you have written yourself that demonstrate what is going on.

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