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Everyone at FSOSS seemed to have taken open source to the next level. It seems that all large corporations were using open source to their advantage to turn a profit selling services. While other smaller companies and organizations were relying on open source communities to push their product out the door.
Open source seems to have many different small variations that are used from group to group, but the overall core of open source remains the same. It is centered on some kind of community that has a say in what happens next. Depending on the project the community will have more sway in deciding factors but ultimately there would be no software without a community.
Each of the speakers had a unique take on open source, some were more critical to success than others. Some , from the looks of it, justused open source to try and build a better name for them. Overall, all the speakers tried to relay the same message that the use of communities only helped enhance the product and keep costs practically at zero. The idea of reinventing the wheel a hundred times because no one is willing to share the design with you is a thing of the past. All communities seem to agree that open code only builds on itself and offers more advantages then closed.=Conclusion= Overall, FSOSS was a grand experience with many interesting people to talk to. There were all kinds of topics ranging from advanced code hacking to more simplistic howto’s on setting up your new Linux box. Everyone that I spoke to was nice and upbeat, really easy to talk to and get along with. However, my friends tell me that there were others looking for a scuffle because of differing ideas. In the end there were no major drawbacks or catastrophes and everyone seemed to leave with a smile. I know I did along with two basketball tickets that I won thanks to Dave (Thanks Dave :)

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