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|<div style="background:#ffff00">[[Current SPO600 Weekly Schedule|Weekly Schedule]]</div>[[Fall 2018 SPO600 Participants|Participants and Project Table]]<br />[ Course Outline]<br />[[SPO600 Course Policies|Course Policies]]<br />[ Linaro]<br />[ Planet CDOT]<br />
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= Software Portability and Optimization =
* Classes are held in an [[Active Learning Classroom]]. You '''should''' have a mobile device of some type (laptop, smartphone, tablet) with a wireless network connection (WiFi or mobile) and a video output (VGA or HDMI). If your video output is of a different type (DP/Miracast/MyDP/MiniDP/MiniHDMI/other) you will need an appropriate adapter.
* For productivity, you '''should''' have access to a personal Linux installation on a 64-bit (x86_64) computer (see [[SPO600 Host Setup]]).
* '''Optionally''', students in the SPO600 course may want to purchase a 64-bit [ 96Boards] computer (such as a [ HiKey] or [ DragonBoard 410c]) or alternately a [ 64-bit Raspberry Pi 3b] -- but you will need to run a 64-bit operating system, such as [ Fedora AArch64].
=== Professor ===

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