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OPS335 - Assignment 2

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Assignment Evaluation Details
https::'''Murray Saul's''' and '''Andrew Oatley-Willis' Classes (Sections A &amp; B):'''<ol><li>Login as '''root''' on your '''host''' machine.</li><li>Change to the '''/root/bin''' directory.</li><li>Make certain that your assignment VMs are running.</li><li>Issue the command to download a checking script for your assignment to your '''host''' machine:<br><br><ul><li>Murray Saul's Class: '''wget'''</li><li>Andrew Oatley-Willis' Class: '''wget'''<br><br></li></ul><!--<source> wget</source> --></li><li>Set execute permissions and run the command: '''/root/bin/check-assn2.bash'''<br>(You shell script contents will be mailed to your Seneca email and to your OPS335 instructor's Seneca email. If you do '''NOT''' receive an e-mail message in your Seneca email account, then there is a problem, and you '''MUST''' rerun or contact your OPS335 instructor immediately.<br><br></li></ol>_Assignment_2  
*'''Additional Assignment Information:'''<ol type="a"><li>This assignment is to be completed individually. '''Group submissions are not allowed'''.</li><li>Test your machine to make sure it works. If a machine is not accessible (e.g. will not boot, can not be accessed through ssh from your host, etc.), or is otherwise non-functional, you may be told to '''resubmit'''.</li><li>'''Late submissions are a subject to a penalty of 10% per day'''.</li><ol>

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