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OPS235 Weekly Schedule

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<td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Create a Centos Linux VM in VMware:'''<ul><li>Install CentOS (Full Install) in VMware Workstation application (create customized partitions)</li><li>Shell Scripting</li><li>Obtain System Information</li></ul></td>
<td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Lecture Notes:'''<br>Welcome to OPS235!: [ web ] [ pdf ]<br>Installing Linux: [ web ] [ pdf ]<br><br>'''Setup Tutorial:''' <br>[[OPS335_Install_Flash]] (in order to view web notes in Centos7)</td>
<td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;">[ Lab1]<br><br>'''WARNING:'''<br>If using on your notebook computer, only use VMware Workstation Pro in MS Windows OS!
<!-- No Longer Used <ul><li>[ Removable SATA Drive]</li><li>[ Solid State Drive]</li></ul></td>

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