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OPS235 Lab 7

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Part 2: Setting a Default Policy / Setting Policy Exceptions (iptables)
# Provide your external facing address, and provide another lab-mate to ping that external facing address. Were they successful?
# Have your lab-mate determine THEIR external facing address and obtain that IP Address.
# Issue the following iptables command to allow an exception for pings from your lab-mate:<br><b><code><span style="pointer-events: none;cursor: default;color:#3366CC;font-size:1.2em;">iptables -A INPUT -p icmp -s {neighbour's exeternal external facing address} -j ACCEPT</span></code></b>
# Have your neighbour repeat pinging your external facing IP Address. What happened? Why?
# Have your neighbour try to SSH into YOUR c7host. Were they Successful?
# List the iptables rules for the INPUT chain. What happened to your iptables rules for the INPUT chain?
# Proceed to the next part to learn how to learn how to make your iptables rules persistent.
=== Part 3: Making iptables Policies Persistent ===

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