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Desktop Social Networking Integration

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To provide support for Twitter in the existing Coop API.The source code can be found [ here] and requires the [ test method] to install. Be advised that I turned debugging on.
==== Use Cases ====
For release 0.1, I will be focusing on getting twitter support and integrated into the coop. The following functionalities below will be included in the release:
# Log into Twitter account from Coop
# List and view Twitter friends
# View current status messages from friendson main friends pane; view all status messages for a specific friend when selected (friend pane).
==== Deliverable ====
#* Updated bugs section for release 0.1
#* Posted screen shot of deliverable for milestone 1 - release 0.1
# Updated Project Details - Oct 19, 2007
#* milestone 1 is incomplete; unexpected results for requirements: view messages from friend.
#* updated details for expected system use case 3: view messages from friend.
#* posted patch to current working release.

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