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Add support for more compilers to distcc

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added 0.1 release
== Project Contributor(s) ==
Once the 0.1 release is complete, testers will be needed Some options for contributions:<ul> <li>publish some more c# files to try compiling.test with</li>In the mean time, contributors could write simple C# programs <li>test this on different OSs</lI> <li>more to be used added later.</li></ul>
== Project Details ==
=== 0.1 Release ===
A patch[] has been created.
Note that it is by no means anywhere near completion.
That's why this is the 0.1 release.
This patch has been tested on Windows XP, using cygwin to tell distcc to compile a single, simple c# file. To use it:
<li>get cygwin[]</li>
<li>configure cygwin[]</li>
<li>download the Mono C# compiler[]</li>
<li>put mono in your PATH</li>
<li>set up an environment variable DISTCC_MCS_HOSTS=localhost</li>
<li>Checkout the distcc source</li>
<li>svn co svn://</li>
<li>cd trunk && ./configure && make && make install</li>
<li>put distcc in your PATH, before cygwin</lI>
<li>get the 0.1 patch[]</li>
<li>apply the patch</li>
<li>from the trunk directory</li>
<li>patch -p0 < pcallaghanzeropointone.txt</li>
<li>configure and build distcc</li>
<li>from the trunk directory</li>
<li>./configure && make && make install</li>
<li>get a simple C# file[]</li>
<li>compile it</li>
<li>distcc mcs hello.cs</li>
<li>run it</li>
=== Goal for 0.1 Release ===
- Add support for Mono's cSharp compiler[]. By the 0.1 release, Distcc should be able to at least compile C# locally. While the earlier work done on [[Distcc With MSVC]] suggests that only a hand-full of functions need to be coded in order for it to add a new compiler, both Java and C# compile in a manner significantly different than C. This will likely cause some trouble shortly...regardless, the following functions are the minimum which need to be created:
== Project News ==
===Known Bugs ===
See the list within [[Distcc With MSVC]]

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