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OPS235 Lab 2

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Part 1: Installing VM from a Network (Graphical)
# <span style="background-color:yellow;">Another dialog will appear. Click '''CPUs''' (or "processors") and on right-side under Configuration select '''Copy Host CPU Configuration''', click '''Apply''', and then click '''Begin Installation''' at the top left-hand side.</span>
#<span style="background-color:yellow;">During the install, select '''Gnome Desktop''' software selection). For partitioning, select '''I will configure partition settings''', click done, then select '''Click here to create them automatically'''. Set the / partition for '''ext4''' file-system type, and click '''Done'''.</span>
#<span style="background-color:yellow;">Click Set the correct '''Date and Time Zone''', and then click on '''Network and Hostname'''. The network should be turned on. For hostname, enter: '''centos1''' and then click '''Done'''.</span>
# <span style="background-color:yellow;">Complete the installation. Login to your regular user account, and perform a '''yum update''' for the centos1 VM (reboot if required). Make certain to adjust your screen-saver settings if desired.</span>

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