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Add support for more compilers to distcc

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== Project Contributor(s) ==
Once the 0.1 release is complete, testers will be needed to try compiling on a variety of LANs.In the mean time, contributors could write simple C# programs to be used later.
== Project Details ==
=== Goal for 0.1 Release ===- Add support for Mono's cSharp compiler. By the 0.1 release, Distcc should be able to at least compile C# locally. While the earlier work done on this project [[Distcc With MSVC]] suggests that only a hand-full of functions need to be codedin order for it to add a new compiler, both Java and C# compile in a manner significantly different than C. RegardlessThis will likely cause some trouble shortly...regardless, the following functions are the minimum which need to be created:

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