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CDOT Job Opportunities

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CDOT projects employ students as Research Assistants (RAs) for co-op WIL placements, summer jobs, and part-time work while studying at Seneca, and recent graduates on non-renewable contracts.
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CDOT Research Assistants are hired in four categories:
* Students CoWork-Ops Integrated Learning - Full-time employment as part of the [ programs/fulltime-work-integrated-learning.html Seneca Student CoWork-op Integrated Learning program](formerly co-op).
* Summer Students - Full-time employment during the summer semester (May-August). To be eligible in this category, candidates must be returning to full-time study at Seneca after the summer.
* Part-time - Part-time employment (up to 24 hours/week depending on study workload). Candidates may be studying at Seneca or be Seneca graduates, or in some cases, candidates not affiliated with Seneca may be considered.
** Which courses you have taken that deal with open source code and technologies; and
** Which courses you have taken that are related to the position for which you are applying.
* If you are applying for a co-op WIL position:** How many semesters of co-op you could work (1, 2, or 3)
* If you are applying for part-time work:
** Your availability, if known; and
Watch for CDOT job postings:
* Subscribe to the [ CDOT-job-openings mailing list].
* In the Seneca Co-op WIL listings, and
* On this web page.
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