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OPS335 - Assignment 2

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Reducing number of samba shares created.
#The root user on your host machine must be able to ssh to the root account on each machine without being prompted for a password.
#It will run '''Samba''' (automatically on boot) to share files with machines in this network.
#Create five three <u>new</u> users on the Samba file server, call them '''yoursenecaid-1''', '''yoursenecaid-2''', '''yoursenecaid-3''', '''yoursenecaid-4''', and '''yoursenecaid-admin'''. (replace "yoursenecaid" with your <u>actual</u> Seneca ID)
#Create a directory /documents with the following subdirectories:
<pre style="font-size: 14pt;margin-left:30px;">/documents
+-- private
¦ +-- yoursenecaid-user1¦ +-- yoursenecaid-2
¦ +-- yoursenecaid-admin
+-- shared
+-- readwrite
<ol><li value="6">Set up permissions/ownership on those directories for your Linux users on the file server so that:<ol type="a"><li>'''yoursenecaid-1''' through and '''yoursenecaid-42''' have '''read/write''' access to their own <u>private</u> directories.</li><li>'''yoursenecaid-admin''' has '''read/write''' access to <u>every</u> directory.</li><li>Everyone has '''read''' access to the '''readonly''' directory (but only the '''admin''' has '''write''' access too).</li><li>Everyone can both '''read''' and '''write''' to the '''readwrite''' directory.</li></ol></li><li>Set up '''fivethree''' Samba users to mirror your new Linux users.</li><li>Configure '''sevenfive''' shares (one for each directory above) with permissions as close as possible to the Linux permissions.</li></ol>
=== Set-up Windows Client to Test Samba server ('''basement''')===
:::'''yoursenecaid-1''' through and '''yoursenecaid-42''' has '''read/write''' access
| style="text-align:right" | /1
:::Directories shared with correct permissions
| style="text-align:right" | /65
:::Samba accounts created (1/2 mark each)| style="text-align:right" | /23

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