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OPS335 - Assignment 2

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== Purpose ==
In this assignment, you will use the '''335assign virtual network''' and the '''slyvanas''' cloning-source that you created in assignment 1 (part 1) to create two e-mail servers: a '''Mail Transfer Agent''' called '''illidan''' and a ''Message Store'' (IMAP) called '''kadgar'''. You will also use the '''slyvanas''' cloning source to create a Samba server called '''jaina'''. In addition to creating those Linux servers, you will also be required to create a virtual machine for an MS Windows operating system to test-out your Samba server. As you perform and submit this assignment, you '''MUST''' run at least the '''variandining''' Master Name server in order to resolve domain names to IP addresses.
== General Requirements ==
#Configure your Thunderbird application (installed in Lab 4b) to allow the user to send and receive email messages using the '''illidan''' and '''kadgar''' servers.
Add MX records to the forward lookup zone on your varian dining DNS server so that all incoming mail addressed to the domain is sent to your IMAP server ('''kadgar''') first, and the MTA ('''illidan''') as a fall-back.
=== Set-up a Samba Server ('''jaina''')===
::'''Elizabeth Kopiec's Classes (Section A):'''<ol><li>Login as '''root''' on your '''host''' machine.</li><li>Change to the '''/root/bin''' directory.</li><li>Make certain that at least your '''variandining''', '''illidan''', '''kadgar''', '''jaina''' and '''client''' virtual machines are running.<li>Issue the command to download a checking script for your assignment to your '''host''' machine: <source>wget</source></li><li>Set execute permissions and run the command: '''/root/bin/check-assn2.bash'''<br>(You shell script contents will be mailed to your Seneca email and to your OPS335 instructor's Seneca email. If you do '''NOT''' receive an e-mail message in your Seneca email account, then there is a problem, and you '''MUST''' rerun or contact your OPS335 instructor immediately.<br><br></li></ol>
*'''Additional Assignment Information:'''<ol type="a"><li>This assignment is to be completed individually. '''Group submissions are not allowed'''.</li><li>You are NOT allowed to use local hostname resolution (i.e. no entries in your '''/etc/hosts''' file).<li>Test your machine to make sure it works. If a machine is not accessible (e.g. will not boot, can not be accessed through ssh from your host, etc.), or is otherwise non-functional, you may be told to '''resubmit'''.</li><li>'''Late submissions are a subject to a penalty of 10% per day'''.</li><ol>

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