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OPS435 Python Lab 4

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# How do you define elements within a dictionary?
# Write Python commands to display for a dictionary called '''my_dictionary''' the dictionary key called '''my_key''' and a dictionary value for that key?
# What is the purpose for the '''range()''', '''len()''', '''append()''', and '''map() ''' functions for a dictionary?
# List and briefly explain the following functions (methods) that can be used with strings:<br>'''lower()''' , '''upper()''' , '''swapcase()''' , '''title()''' , '''captilize()''' , '''split()'''
# Assume you issued the following command in your ipython3 shell:<br>'''course_name = 'Programming with Python''''<br>What will be the output for each of the following Python commands?<ol type="a"><li>'''course_name[3:11]'''</li><li>'''course_name[10:]'''</li><li>'''course_name[-1]</li></ol>

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