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OPS435 Python Lab 1

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Lab Review
= Lab Review LAB REVIEW =
:# Write the command to change the hostname of your Linux machine to "centos7".
:# Write the absolute pathname for the ipython3 alias configuration file.
:# Write Python code that when run, will perform the following tasks:<ol type="a"><li>Contain a she-bang line</li><li>Display a greetings message to the user</li><li>display an empty line ('''hint:''' use the special character '''\n''' to print the a new-line character)</li><li>Display text, '''"Your current directory is:"''' (You are NOT required to display quotation marks)</li><li>Display the current working directory pathname (using an appropriate command)</li><li>Display another empty line</li></ol>
:# How do you execute a Python script when you are within the <u>ipython3 </u> shell?:# How do you execute a Python script when you are in the <u>Bash </u> Shell (i.e. NOT within the ipython3 Ipython3 shell)?
:# Write the pipeline command to check if the checking script exists, and download it from the location:<br>

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