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OPS235 Lab 1 - CentOS7 - HD2

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Part 3: Completing the Installation
|{{Admon/important|Keep the root password the same for Host and VMs|In order to simplify running the lab checking scripts in future labs, using the same root password for ALL machines (c7host and virtual machines). Also use the same username and passwords for all of your machines (c7host and virtual machines). <b>Do not do this in a production environment!</b>}}<br><br>
<ol><li value="4">When the installation is complete, you will notice a message at the bottom of the screen stating: '''CentOS is now successfully installed and ready for you to use!'''</li>
<li>Click the '''Reboot''' button. Your DVD will <u>briefly</u> open in the DVD drive bay. Make certain to remove this installation DVD so that Centos will boot from your hard drive.</li>
<li>After the system reboots, a boot menu should briefly appear, then prompt the user to accept the License Information (this is only a one-time occurrence).<br> In order to accept the license agreement, issue Click on '''License Not Accepted''' and graphically accept the license and then click '''FINISH CONFIGURATION''' to finish the installation process.<br><br>'''NOTE:''' If you have an older version of Centos7, you must perform the alternative steps:<br>Issue the following keystrokes:<br><br>'''1''' followed by ENTER (to select the license agreement prompt<br>'''2''' followed by ENTER (to accept the license agreement)<br>'''c''' followed by ENTER (to save the selection)<br>'''c''' followed by ENTER (a second time to continue booting into the system)<br><br></li>
<li>The system should then graphically prompt the user to login with their regular user account. Click on your '''regular user account name''' and '''enter your regular user password'''.<br><br></li>
<li>The last phase of the installation process should now run:<ul><li>Confirm English as the default input source and click '''Next'''.</li><li>Skip the creation of online accounts by clicking '''Next'''.<li>Start using your installed Linux system by clicking '''Start Using CentOS Linux'''.</li></ul><br></li>
'''Answer Investigation 1 observations (all parts and questions) in your lab log book.'''

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