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OPS435 Python Lab 1

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:# Using a text editor, open a new text file called '''''':<source>
vim ~/ops435/lab1/
:#Write the following code into our python file. <source>
:#Save the file and quit vim. We will now go over the process of manually running this python script. Both in the Bash shell and in the IPython shell.
:#Now lets try running the script directly from the IPython shell by issuing the follwoing commands:<source>
run ~/ops435/lab1/
</source>Your python script should have run, if you have any errors you should check that you typed the script in exactly. Be careful of extra spaces, symbols, letters, or lowercase/uppercase differences.<br><br>
:# Issue the following command to exit your ipython session:<source>
:#Now, from the Bash shell we will give it the correct Linux permissions in order to run your newly-created python script. This is just showing the multiple ways you can use this python script. You are not required to have IPython running on a system, however hopefully we can use IPython's powerful features to our advantage.

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