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OPS435 Python Lab 1

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PART 1 - Installing Your Linux Distribution
:Centos 7 comes with python 2.7, which means that it is not optimal out for the box for teaching this course. However not teaching python 2.7 would be a mistake since so many programs and operating systems still depend on python 2. It would be good to note some changes and encourage new work to be done in python3 while paying attention to specific projects that work only with python 2.
:'''<u>Centos 7 VM Details / Minimum Requirements:</u>'''
::*'''Name:''' c7host::*'''Boot media / Installation:''' CentOS7 Full Install DVD
:::*Download at Seneca College: CentOS 7 Full Install DVD (image file):
:::*Download outside Seneca College:
::*'''Disk space:''' XGB ::*'''CPUs:''' X::*'''Internal Memory:''' X

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