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OPS235 Lab 1

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Adding /boot mount point
<li>In the '''Add a New Mount Point''', click the drop-down button and select '''/boot/efi''' for the mount point and type '''2954''' as the desired capacity, and then click '''Add mount point'''.</li>
<li>When you return to the main screen, make certain that this mount point is a '''Standard Partition''' and <u>not</u> ''LVM''.</li>
<li>Add the <b>/boot</b> mount point with a size of <b>500</b>. Leave the default settings and file system as xfs.</li>
<li>Add another mount point, but in the '''Add a New Mount Point''' screen, select '''/''' as the mount-point (either by typing or selecting from drop-down menu), and enter '''30720''' in for partition size and click '''Add Mount Point''' button.</li>
<li> You will return to the previous dialog box.<br><span style="background-color:yellow">For the '''/''' partition, change the file-system type from '''xfs''' to '''ext4''' and make certain that the Device Type is set to LVM</span>.</li>
<li>A Summary of Changes screen will appear to show the partitioning operations that will be created. Click the '''Accept Changes''' and click '''Begin Installation''' in the Installation Summary screen to proceed with the installation.</li>
=== Part 3: Completing the Installation ===

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