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OPS235 Lab 6

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Part 3: Configuring VM Network Setup via Command Line (centos3 and centos2)
# Configure your '''centos3''' VM (in the '''View''' -> '''Details''' menu of Virtual Machine Manager) to configure the NIC interface to '''network1''', click '''Apply''', and switch your centos3 VM view from ''details'' to '''console'''.
# Start your '''centos3''' VM, login, and su to '''root'''.
# Use the command called: '''ifconfig''' to list active interfaces, you should see one with a name of '''eth0''' or a similar name.<br><br>NOTE: If the '''ifconfig''' command is NOT available in your centos3 vm, issue the command:<br>'''yum install net-tools'''<br><br>
# To configure your card with a static address use the following command:
#:<b><code><span style="color:#3366CC;font-size:1.2em;">ifconfig eth0 netmask</span></code></b>

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