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OPS235 Lab 1 - CentOS7 - HD2

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Disabling SELinux warning
===Part 3: Disable SELinux and Perform Software Updates===
{{Admon/important|Never disable SELinux in the real world| It is highly discouraged and unsafe to disable SELinux on a public-facing server. Some applications may require tedious steps to setup SELinux rules. Disabling SELinux is never the correct way to solve an issue.}}
SELinux stands for '''Security-Enhanced Linux'''. It is a component that helps to better secure the system to protect against intrusion (hackers). SELinux is enabled upon the default install of CentOS. SELinux can be a good thing, if you take care of it and know how it works. For this course it is strongly recommended that you '''disable SELinux by default''' because we won't have the time to reconfigure it every time the labs make it necessary.

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