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OPS235 Lab 8 - CentOS7 - HD2

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Changing Start to Restart
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<ol><li value="6">Open another terminal window ('''Tip: ssh''' into your '''centos3''' VM from your '''c7host''' as '''root''') and issue the following command:<br><b><code><span style="color:#3366CC;font-size:1.2em;">tail -f /var/log/messages</span></code></b><br><br>(This will show you the last lines of '''/var/log/messages''' continue to display new lines as they are added to the log for confirmation and troubleshooting.)<br><br></li>
<li>In your '''centos3''' terminal, attempt to start restart the '''dhcpd''' service.</li>
<li>You should see new lines being added to the messages file.</li>
=== Part 4: How do I test my dhcpd service on my virtual network?===

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