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=Meeting Time=
Tuesday 3:30-6

* Register Club
* Posting the QA posters
* Web-based access to irc to lower barrier to entry
* User guide to irc
* QA testdays
* Presentation/Material to talk about how to get involved. Agenda of what we want to go around and talk about. Faculty permissions.

* try to do only the most useful and general workshops
* source code took a day

=Potential Problems=
*People do not know what they want to do. They don't want to work on the browser.
** Joost/Sunbird/Songbird/QA/Web programming/bugzilla/thunderbird/camino
** have them realize what mozilla can offer them. It isn't just the browser
* Make it more social? A place people can hang out and help if they have nothing to do

=Other Ideas=
* Open Source course - 2 hours a week they can use to get help and help each other in their project
* Write about how we got started, what we did, and what we are doing now.
* Make something tangible, something that they can work with rather than trying to explain it. Demos(?).
* Write an extension to make your life easier.

* talk about what you enjoy most about in your presentation.
* Networking with other people, especially people in your field
* Priority - Open Source course (Chris/Dave), 1st/2nd year students in CPA/BSD

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