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OPS335 Lab 4

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Listening on all interfaces
# Also you must set the '''hostname''' for this server so that will correctly specify the hostname in the '''From:''' head in a sent mail message.<br>Make certain the following parameter only appears once (shown below):<source lang="bash">myorigin = $myhostname</source>
#Ensure that your '''hostname''' and '''DOMAIN''' name is properly set on your machine, otherwise you will need to set the '''myhostname''' parameter.
{{Admon/important|Warning|Make sure there are no other un-commented copies of those above-mentioned parameters in the Postfix configuration file.}}
<br><ol><li value="6">Restart the postfix service (using the '''ss''' command) to confirm that the your MTA is now listening on <u>all</u> interfaces (not just loopback)</li>

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