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OPS235 Assignment 2 OLD

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Changing service command to systemctl
== Configuring Apache ==
# Start the httpd service using the '''servicesystemctl''' command.
# Ensure that the httpd service starts automatically during boot.
# Confirm that you can connect to your web server using a web browser -- both from centos3 (you can test using '''links''') as well as from the host. You should see the Apache Test Page.
== Configuring MySQL ==
# Start the MySQL service (mysqld or mariadb) using the '''servicesystemctl''' command.
# Do not ignore the messages that are printed the first time you start the service, it will print a message telling you how to set a password and take other basic steps to secure the the MySQL server. Follow those instructions to set a password, recording the detail of what you do for later use.
# Ensure that the mysqld/mariadb service starts automatically during boot.

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