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OPS235 Lab 8

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Adding option keyword prefixing dhcpd domain-name keywords
# Study the sample '''dhcpd.conf''' file to see examples of how these options are used.
# Edit '''/etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf''' and examine the top section of the file.
# Below the comment labeled: '''"option definitions common to all supported networks"'''. Change the existing global options with the <u>newer values</u> shown below:<br><br>'''option domain-name''' '''"";'''<br>'''option domain-name-servers''' ''';'''<br>'''default-lease-time''' '''1200;'''<br>'''max-lease-time''' '''3600;'''<br><br>'''Note:''' Any values for time are stated in seconds.<br><br>
# View your editing sessions for typos (check for missing semicolons), then save and exit your editing session.<br><br>
=== Part 3: Configuring DHCP Server for Static IP Addresses===

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