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Assignment 1
== Progress ==
=== Assignment 1 ===
==== <span style="color: green">&#x2713; EucideanDistance ====
Profiled the following project on github which finds the euclidean distance transformation on given chart formatted in a text file. The project can be found here: [ here]
0.00 0.74 0.00 1 0.00 0.00 EuclideanDistanceTransform::zeroFramed()
====<span style="color: red">&#x2717; SeamCarving====
Seam carving (or liquid re-scaling) is an algorithm for content-aware image resizing. It functions by establishing a number of seams (paths of least importance) in an image and automatically removes seams to reduce image size or inserts seams to extend it.
The profiled project can be found on Github using this link:
====<span style="color: red">&#x2717; KmeansPlusPlus====
Kmeansplusplus is a clustering method that determins which in this case takes an image and splits it into k number of clusters. For an image it selects k number of pixels and uses those pixels as a reference point to compare all the other pixels to change their colors based on which reference pixel they are closest to.
The first integer is k (the number of reference points), the second integer is the number of times to iterate through the image.

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