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OPS335 Lab 2

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Practice Setting Firewall Rules
The remaining iptables rules will relate to that same '''inbound''' traffic chain:
<ol><li value="3">Issue the command '''iptables -L INPUT''', and note the rules associated for ssh in your lab logbook.</li><li>Issue an ''iptables command'' to delete the default ssh rule, and issue another iptables command to verify.</li><li>Issue an ''iptables command'' to insert an iptables rule to ACCEPT SSH connectionsat connections at the '''beginning''' of the chain (refer to your lab logbook for details).</li><li>Verify that you inserted that rule at the top of the INPUT chain, and then issue an iptable rule to delete that rule at the top of the chain (i.e. by number), and verify that that rule was deleted.</li><li>Issue an ''iptables command'' to append the SSH rule to the end of the chain, verify, delete that same rule, and verify.</li><li>Issue an ''iptables command'' to delete the related,established rule. Test your network connectivity between your hosts and vms. What happened?</li><li>'''Shut down your VMs''' and '''reboot your host machine'''. What happens to the iptables rules you created for your host machine? Note in your OPS335 lab logbook how to save and restore your iptables rules, and what the difference of '''restoring iptables rules''' as opposed to '''flushing iptables rules'''.</li></ol>
'''Record steps, commands, and your observations in INVESTIGATION 1 in your OPS335 lab log-book'''

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