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OPS335 Lab 2

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Default vs Updated Firewall Rules for VMs
'''Perform the Following Steps:'''
# Leave your VMs running for this section (which seems counter-intuitive).
# On your '''host machine''', stop the '''libvirtd''' service (refer to [ systemctl] command), and '''restart ''' the '''iptables''' service.
# Run '''iptables -L -v''' but redirect the output to a text file called '''before.txt''' (you will be using this file later).
#You should notice the virtual machine manager no longer lists your vms (i.e. vm1, vm2, or vm3).
#Close and then restart the virtual machine manager. What Happens?<br /> What are the states of your VMs? Record your observations in your lab logbook.
#Close the virtual machine manager application window again.
# '''Restart ''' the '''libvirtd''' service.
#Now, restart the virtual machine manager ('''note:''' it should indicate that the virtual machine manager connecting - be patient and wait until you are prompted you to enter the root password). What happens? What is the status of your VMs?
#What does this mean when you lose your vm connections (including the disruption of the libvirtd service)? Record your observations in your lab logbook.

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