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Students in DPS909

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{| class="standard-table" border="1"|-| '''Students'''| '''Projects'''* |- | [[User:awdelyea|Adam Delyea (awdelyea)]]* | [[Buildbot and EC2]]|-| [[User:arehman4|AJ Rehman (AJ)]]| [[Documenting Interface Reference Documents]]|-| [[User:ayhfung|Andrew Fung (ayhfung)]]| [[Testing of Canadian Banking and Financial Sites in Mozilla]]|-| [[User:armenzg|Armen Zambrano (armenzg)]]* | [[Automated localization build tool]]|-| [[User:catherine.leung|Catherine Leung (catherine.leung)]]| [[3D Model Loading]]|-| [[User:dtheosab|Daino Theosabrata (dtheosab)]]| [[Radio Button Bookmarks Extension]]|-| [[User:dominic|Dominic Baranski (dominic)]]| [[Tinderbox front page improvements]]|-| [[User:kglee|Kenneth Lee (kglee)]]| [[Improve Mozilla Application and Platform Documentation]]|-| [[User:backinblakk|Lukas Blakk (lsblakk)]]| [[Mozilla Source and Symbol Server]]|-| [[User:mmullin|Michael Mullin (mmullin)]]| [[Bugfixing on the GFX backend]]|-| [[User:Rueen|Rueen Fiez (rueen)]]* | [[Automated localization build tool]]|-| [[User:smcavoytjduavis|Steve McAvoy Timothy Duavis (smcavoytjduavis)]]* | [[Desktop Social Networking Integration]]|-| [[User:vlam6|Vincent Lam (vlam6)]]| [[Automated localization build tool]]|-| [[User:vbala|Vijey Balasundaram (vbala)]]| [[Full-Text History Search extension]]|-|}

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