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OPS235 Lab 1 - CentOS7 - HD2

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Shell scripting is <u>so essential</u> for Linux administration that this course has created a shell script for every lab for this course that a student must download and run in order to check their work.
If you have performed the lab correctly, then you will get a series of <b><code><span style="color:#66cc00;border:thin solid black;font-size:1.2em;">&nbsp;OK&nbsp;</span></code></b> messages and you can proceed with the SIGN-OFF for lab1. On the other hand, if there were errors, then a <b><code><span style="color:#ff0000;border:thin solid black;font-size:1.2em;">&nbsp;WARNING&nbsp;</span></code></b> message will appear with general suggestions that you will need to fix on your c7hostVM in order to have your OPS235 sign-off in this lab in order to proceed to the next lab.
:'''Perform the Following Steps:'''

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