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Distcc With MSVC

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Project News
= Project News =
See what's up with this project! Older news can be found [[Distcc With MSVC:Older News|here]]
== April 28, 2007 ==
PDB files :
vc80.pdb - source file debug symbols
'''project'''.pdb - project debug symbols
vc80.pdb can be overwritten by/Fd'''debug'''
Link between '''source'''.c[pp] and '''debug''' is hard coded in the object file. You can find it by running the ''strings'' command on the object file (Thanks shaver!).
Leaving debug symbols aside. We should probably start porting distcc to mingw and replacing incompatible functions. Since that would be more time consuming and more difficult to get right.
== April 23, 2007 ==

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