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Distcc With MSVC

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What's still to do
== What's still to do ==
Port distcc over to mingw.
<!-- Taken from ben's project page -->
* Send Port distcc to use mingw** Properly link in winsock library ([http://www.foobartastic.pdb files com/2007/02/27/distcc-alpha-2-and-moving-to allow debug builds. Currently blocking mozilla from ever -mingw/ fixed] using distcc.libtool)** use windows threads (another high priority item)** looking at the protocol. Hopefully we donlocate and replace unix functionality that existed in cygwin, but doesn't have to changed a lotexist in mingw.
<td style="background-color: red; text-align: center; font-weight: bold; font-size: bigger">High</td>
<td>Have not startedonly got libtool to compile a simple sockets program. We have now port it to distcc* probably use #ifdef MINGW ... #else ... #endif in source files that use socket.h* another possibility is to have one header file handle this, and the source files include that header file </td>

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