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OPS235 Lab 4

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User account management is a very important operation that a Linux sysadmin does on an continual basis. The sysadmin not only needs to add or remove user accounts by issuing commands, but may need to automate user account creations a large number (batch) of potential employees. There are many features with the Linux command to create new users including: specification of a home directory, type of shell used, name, password and time-limit (referred to as "aging") for a new user account. Removing user accounts also have options such as removing the user account but keeping the home directory for reference or evidence of "wrong-doing"
Another important operation for a Linux sysadmin is to manage services (eg. starting, restarting, stopping, disabling, enabling system services).
Many students may think that the following topic is small and "not a big deal". Those students may say, '''"How hard is running and stopping services?"'''

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