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<!-- * to be released[[OPS535_A1]] -->
<!-- * to be released[[OPS535_A2]] -->
Needed by the second class:
# '''Centos 7 .6 Full Install DVD''' (x86_64). The image is available from:#* http[ - Seneca's mirror of centos]. This is very fast, but is only accessible from if you are within Seneca's network (you can't access this from home). You can burn this disc on the machines in the Open Lab.
#* - Centos mirror list accessible from any Internet connection.
# One '''SATA Hard disk in removable drive traySolid State Drive (SSD), mininmum capacity: 240 GB (USB 3.0)''' (at least 160GB). Please buy the tray from ACS or the bookstore as not all trays are compatibleIt is strongly advised you dedicate a drive for this course only.
# '''USB flash drive''' (64GB or larger recommended).
#'''Text''' - Linux Administration - A Beginner's Guide, 7th Edition by Wale Soyinka, ISBN 978-0-07-184536-6, Published by Mc Graw Hill
{{Admon/important|Bring all of these supplies to each class.|Even after installation, the installation DVD and flash drive may be required.}}
{{Admon/important|Do not share your OPS3535 OPS535 disk drive with another course.|The work you do in this course will render your other work inaccessible and may erase it.}}
= Faculty =
During the Fall 2015 2018 semester, OPS535 is taught by:
* [ Raymond Chancallaghan Peter Callaghan]
= Course Information =
===Important Websites===
* [ students/home School of Information and Communications Technology] (includes class cancellation information and general bulletins)
* 10 labs (10%)
* Quizzes (Minimum 5 ) (10%)
* one tests Tests (Minimum 1) (20% )
* Two assignments (30%)
* Final exam (30%)

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