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OPS235 Lab 1 - CentOS7 - HD2

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'''Answer Investigation 1 observations (all parts and questions) in your lab log book.'''
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[[Image:taskbar.png|thumb|right|500px|The '''VM Workstation taskbar''' is useful when in full-screen mode to perform common virtual machine management tasks. ]]
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[[Image:window-mode.png|thumb|right|350px|This diagram shows VMware Workstation running VM in '''window mode'''. This is NOT recommended to work in this mode. You can press '''ALT-CTRL-ENTE'''R to change to fullscreen mode, and then again to toggle back to '''window mode''' if you need to access your main computer. ]]
[[Image:fullscreen-mode.png|thumb|right|350px|It is recommended to run VMware Workstation in '''full screen mode'''. You can press '''ALT-CTRL-ENTER''' to <u>toggle</u> between window and fullscreen mode. It is recommended that you stay in fullscreen mode for the duration of your lab work. You can press '''ALT-CTRL-ENTER''' to change back to '''window mode''' if you need to access your main computer. ]]
===Managing your Virtual Machine===
In future labs, you will have to run your VMware Workstation application to boot-up your Centos7 host VM.
Usually, you are NOT required to use this menu (unless you need to "force-off" the c7host7 machine, but should only be performed if you cannot normally shut-down the c7host VM from the OS.
On the other hand, there are useful short-cut key you should use:
:Toggles the VM Workstation application window between '''full screen mode''' and '''window mode'''.
:Return focus from your c7host VM to your '''host computer system'''.
'''VMware Tools''' is a collection of utilities to help improve the performance and efficiency of the VM's operating system. Some features include:
:* Faster Graphics
:* Allow applications running in a VM to be accessed in the host machine (unity interface)
:* Sharing folders between host and VM
:* Copying and pasting test between host and among VMs
:* Clock synchronization among host and VMs
It is recommended to install VMware Tools on your system. Click the '''VM''' menu and select '''Install VM Tools'''. The installation program will run in the background until the install is complete.
===Part 1: Turning Off Locked Screen-saver===

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