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OPS235 Lab 7

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<li>Open another terminal and establish an ssh connection to your '''centos3''' VM using the command:<br /><b><code><span style="color:#3366CC;font-size:1.2em;">ssh ops235@centos3</span></code></b></li>
<li>You should receive a message similar to the following:<br><br>
#::<span style="font-family:courier">The authenticity of host 'centos3 (' can't be established.</span><br>#::<span style="font-family:courier">RSA key fingerprint is 53:b4:ad:c8:51:17:99:4b:c9:08:ac:c1:b6:05:71:9b.</span><br>#::<span style="font-family:courier">Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes</span><br>#::<span style="font-family:courier">Warning: Permanently added 'centos3' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.</span><br><br></li>
<li>Answer '''yes''' to add to the list of known hosts.</li>
<li>Issue the following command to confirm that you connected to your centos3 VM: <b><code><span style="color:#3366CC;font-size:1.2em;">hostname</span></code></b></li></ol>

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