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OPS235 Lab 8

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# Remain in your '''centos2''' and '''centos3''' VMs for this section.
# If your '''centos3''' DHCP server successfully issued the proper IP address configuration values to '''centos2''', check the file called:<br>'''/var/lib/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases''' in your <u>'''centos3''' VM</u>. You should the similar contents:<br><br>
::<span style="font-family:courier;"> lease {</span>::<span style="font-family:courier;"> interface "eth0";</span>::<span style="font-family:courier;"> fixed-address {52;</span>::<span style="font-family:courier;"> starts 5 2015 option subnet-mask;</07/10 17span>::57<span style="font-family:34courier;"> option routers;</span>::<span style="font-family:courier;"> ends 5 2015/07/10 18:17:34 option dhcp-lease-time 1200;</span>::<span style="font-family:courier;"> cltt option dhcp-message-type 5 2015;</07/10 17span>::57<span style="font-family:34courier;"> option domain-name-servers;</span>::<span style="font-family:courier;"> binding state active option dhcp-server-identifier;</span>::<span style="font-family:courier;"> next binding state free option domain-name "";</span>::<span style="font-family:courier;"> rewind binding state free renew 2 2016/06/28 02:23:06;</span>::<span style="font-family:courier;"> hardware ethernet 52 rebind 2 2016/06/28 02:5431:00:0e:7d:a452;</span>::<span style="font-family:courier;"> client-hostname "centos2" expire 2 2016/06/28 02:34:22;</span>
::<span style="font-family:courier;"> }</span>
<ol><li value="3">On the client '''centos2''' check the contents of the <b>/var/lib/dhclient</b> directory. The files in this directory is where the dhclient stores its record of leases.<br><br> '''NOTE:''' If there are no files, then in a shell as root in your centos2 VM issue the command: <b><code><span style="color:#3366CC;font-size:1.2em;">dhclient eth0</span></code></b><br>Then check to see if there is file containing lease information in that directory.<br><br></li>

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