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CDOT Job Opportunities

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What You Should Know about Working at CDOT
CDOT Research Assistants are hired in four categories:
* Students Co-Ops - Full-time employment as part of the [ Seneca Student Co-op program].
* Summer Students - Full-time employment during the summer semester (May-August). To be eligible in this category, candidates must be returning to full-time study at Seneca after the summer.* Part-time - Part-time employment (up to 24 hours/week depending on study workload) while . Candidates may be studying at Seneca or after graduationbe Seneca graduates, or in some cases, candidates not affiliated with Seneca may be considered.
* Graduate Time-Certain Contracts - Full-time non-renewable contracts, up to one year in duration, for positions requiring very specific skills. Graduate time-certain contract positions are generally filled from recent Seneca graduates who have previously worked in CDOT.
Research Assistant contracts are usually aligned with Seneca semesters:
* Winter: January - April
* Summer: May - August
* Fall: September - December
However, the funding or operational requirements of specific projects may lead to contracts that are not fully aligned with a semester.
Each Research Assistant works on a specific applied research project, and requires a specific skill set. RAs work in teams under the technical direction of a faculty lead, and are funded by specific applied research grants and/or industry partners. There are typically 12-40 Research Assistants working in CDOT at any one time; the largest number of RAs is usually hired during the summer semester.

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