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Otts documentation

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Database Step Up
# Once the validation is complete, run the script by pressing ''F5''. The query should read ''1 row(s) affected.'' The database is now setup. <br/>(INSERT SCREEN SHOT)
<br />
'''Note:''' By default after the script has been executed, there will be a master adminstrator administrator login in the database. It is recommended to use this login in order to create the initial adminstrator administrator login before using the system. It is also '''''highly''''' recommended that the master administrator login be deleted upon initial login. Since the master adminsitrator administrator login does not have a valid email, simply changing the password is not recommended.<br/><br />====Master Adminstrator Administrator Login Information===='''User ID:''' master_admin <br />'''Password:''' master_password <br /><br />
===System Deployment===

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