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OPS335 Lab 4

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'''Switching Modes in MS Outlook:'''
: :If you are using web-mail to read your Seneca e-mail message, then your Mail User Agent is probably using the MS Outlook program. In order to view mail header information in MS Outlook, you need to be in a particular "viewing-mode". :This program can run in '''regular-mode''' or '''lite-mode'''. If it is currently running in '''"lite-mode"''', your program show appear in a similar fashion as the left-most image displayed next to this text, and should be changed to '''"regular-mode"'''. If it appears that your MS Outlook program is using '''"regular-mode "''' (i.e. same as image on right-most side), then and you can skip the following next procedure.
:'''Procedure to Change from Lite-mode to Regular mode:'''

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