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OPS335 Lab 4

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#Briefly list the steps to trouble-shoot your server if you could not send e-mail messages from your VM2 machine to an external e-mail server.
#Write the command to send an e-mail message from your VM2 to your Seneca College e-mail account.
#What are the commands to issue in the mail prompt to:<ul><li>Read the first e-mail message displayed</li><li>Save the 4th e-mail message to the file pathname: ~/maildir/3.msg.txt</li><li>Delete the 3rd e-mail message displayed</li><li>Exit the mail command prompt and return to the shell</li></ul><br>
#What were the results of sending emails locally on your VM2 machine? Show log segments to verify your answers.
#List the steps to show your email header to trace the transmission between Mail Transfer Agents among different mail servers.

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