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OPS335 Lab 4

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This lab will show you how to set up a '''Postfix''' email server Mail User Agent ('''MTAmailx'''package) on your '''VM2''' machine to allow users of that VM to send an and receive e-mail message to an '''external e-mail server (i.e.'''. You will also be setting up mails locally on your '''VM2'''machine the '''mailx''' package ('''MUA''') to allow users of that VM , and to send a text-based e-mail to your Seneca mail account (only to sendto an external server, but not receive), and . You will also learn which Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is allowing messages to send and receive e-mails be sent locally on in your VM2 machineand externally to your Seneca College account. You will also learn where the message store (MS) is located, and how messages can be saved to other folders.
In order to send e-mail messages '''between your different VMs, a more complex set-up is required''', and will be addressed in the second part of lab4.

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