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OPS335 Lab 4

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#Check your Seneca email account to see if you got the email (note that it may take a <u>few minutes to arrive</u>, so you may also wish to try an alternate email account if you have one like gmail, etc). When you do receive that email, make a note of the return address.
#If you did not receive the mail, check the mail logs on your vm2 machine to determine any errors messages that would indicate a mail server setup problem.
#Test email from your '''Host Machine''' by sending an email to your Seneca account using the following command:<br>'''mail -s "Lab4a - test2" -r " (Canadian Revenue Agency)" <Your Seneca email address>
#Check your Seneca email to see if you got the email. If you did make a note of the return address. Why would you think including the '''-r''' option could be used by penetration hackers to gain access to a computer system?

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