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Meeting Room T1042

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== Booking ==
This room is booked via this web page. To add a booking, please add a row to this table; you'll need to login (or create an account) to edit. You can sort this table using the icons beside the column headers.
{{Admon/caution|Unsorted Unsorted Data!|Rows will not be in chronological order until you sort them. Please sort by clicking on the arrow icon before adding to the table, in order to avoid double-booking.}}
{|class="mediawiki sortable" border="2" width="100%"
!Date and time
 |2016-02-11 11:00-11:30|Equipment for IDI purchase|[[User:Dawn.mercer|Dawn Mercer]]|-|2016-02 -16 09:30-10:30|Potential project discussion|[[User:Dawn.mercer|Dawn Mercer]]|-|2016-02-23 09:30-10:30|Potential project discussion|[[User:Dawn.mercer|Dawn Mercer]] |-|2016-03-01 09:30-10:30
|Potential project discussion
|[[User:Dawn.mercer|Dawn Mercer]]

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