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!style="background: #cccccc"| Quick Links
|[[OPS335 OPS535 Weekly Schedule|Weekly Schedule]]<br/>[ ops535 Course Outline]<br />[ Fedora Project]<br />[ Fedora documentation]
!style="background: #cccccc"| Assignments
|Assignment1 part1:* [ Peter Callaghan]to be released* [ Andrew Smith]|-|Assignment1 part2:* [ Andrew Smith]
* [ Andrew Smith]to be released
= Welcome to OPS335 OPS535 - ''Open System Application ServerAdvanced Network Administration'' =
== What This Course is About ==
This course teaches the maintenance , administration, and administration of a UNIX server using troubleshooting in an Linuxvirtualized environment . Students will learn to install configure, customize, test and maintain common services available on Linux servers.
This course is the third in a series of courses about Linux technologies.
* ULI101 taught you to be Linux user.
* OPS235 taught you to move from being a Linux user to being a Linux system administrator.
* '''OPS335 will teach taught you to ''administer'' Linux ''servers'' (web servers, DNS servers, FTP servers, file sharing servers).'''
As a system administrator, you will be responsible for installing, configuring, adjusting, maintaining, and troubleshooting the operation of computer systems. You will potentially have several hundred people depending on the machines that you manage. This is a lot of responsibility, and with that responsibility comes power. You will be able to change anything on the system, and you will also have the ability to damage or destroy the system.
= Weekly Schedule =
Weekly topic, lab, and assignment information is available on the [[OPS335 OPS535 Weekly Schedule |OPS335 OPS535 Weekly Schedule]] page.
= Supplies Checklist =
= Faculty =
During the Fall 2015 semester, OPS335 OPS535 is taught by: * [ Andrew Smith] (Section A)
* [ Peter Callaghan~raymond.chan Raymond Chan] (Sections B, C, and D)
= Course Information =
===Important Websites===
* [ Course Outline]
* [ School of Information and Communications Technology] (includes class cancellation information and general bulletins)
* 10 labs (with accompanying lab quizzes) (10%)
* Two one tests (15% each)* Two assignments (2030%)
* Final exam (40%)

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