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Work Breakdown and Progress
# [ Erquan Bi]
# [ Eunju Han]
# [ <s>Ferenc Botos</s>]
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== Enhancement ==
assignment <br/>'''Title: Multi-threaded Node Absolute Calculator'''  '''Enhancement Result''' * The frame flow is very smooth due to the transformation of the node chains which are updated concurrently and efficiently during rendering instead of being done sequentially. * The program runs significantly faster. To show improved performance of the Emperor Engine, we used Performance and Diagnostic tool in Visual Studio on a lab computer. It shows that by using multiple threads, performance has improved 10 times. [[File:Node Absolute Calculator Result.jpg]] <br/>'''Enhancement Process''' * Class ThreadPool** An object of ''ThreadPool'' class is created at its initialization to accept threads in a vector called ''threads''.** The number of threads depends on the number of the computer core systems, it can be obtained at the run time through std::thread::hardware_concurrency() in ''ThreadPool'' constructor.** The ''threadPool'' is a queue holding jobs which are defined as std::function, and a job is added into ''threadPool ''in ''AddJob'' function.** std::mutex and std::condition_variable is used to lock and unlock threads status and to wake threads respectively. In addition to, two bool type variables (quit and stopped) are flags to decline a new job while the thread pool is shutting down.** In ''Run'' function, the ''threadPool'' dispatches a job to each thread to be finished one by one until all jobs are done or the program is terminated.** The ''ShutDown'' function wakes all threads up and makes them join to be terminated. * To Use the Threads** When the NodeManager performs the function updateValues for each active object from the vector activeObjects, jobs(active objects(Node)’ _updateAbs function) are added to the queue threadPool waiting to calculate node’s absolute transformation.** While adding jobs, one slept thread from the thread pool wakes up, and performs the ''Run'' function subsequently.** Before the function ''updateValues'' ends, threads are terminated through the ShutDown function of ''ThreadPool''.  '''Enhancement Description'''<br/>Multi-threading technology is used for calculating node absolute transformation in Emperor Engine which gives a performance enhancement option. Every time the engine renders a scene with the nodes (which happens in NodeManager) it works through an iteration using a loop to update the absolute matrix sequentially. By using multiple threads, it works much faster and makes engine work in a more efficient way.<br/><br/> '''Work Load Division''' * Member 1(Erquan (Ashley) Bi)** Worked on how many threads are needed and how they are being divided and dispatched form the thread pool to a vector of threads for each core to calculate node absolute transformation. * Member 2 (Eunju Han)** Managed threads’ running and termination with determined threads and Merged code with Ashley’s work and tested with the client program (Lab8).  '''Source Code Repository'''<br/>[] <br/>  '''References'''* Multi-Thread Resources [ Multi-Threading of OOP345] [ C++ Multithreading Tutorial] [ std::thread] <br/>* BitBucket Fetching a remote reference<br/><br/><br/><br/><s>Sphere Collision or View Frustum Culling</s><br/><s><Sphere Collision Resources> <br/>[ SIMPLE SPHERE-SPHERE COLLISION DETECTION AND COLLISION RESPONSE] [ 3D Collision detection (C++) - Miguel Casillas]
Sphere [ Pool Hall Lessons: Fast, Accurate CollisionDetection Between Circles or Spheres]orView Frustum Culling[ What is a good algorithm to detect collision between moving spheres?]</s>
== Work Breakdown and Progress ==
'''Project completed'''<br/>
Our team Apex, has finished Emperor_Engine Version 1.0. We completed testing it with Directx11 in release mode. There are also all four OpenGL lab codes filled in, and we have tried to re-implement all part OpenGL we need. However, due to the lack of time and some reasons related to materials and textures, this game engine with OpenGL does not work properly.
'''Engine enhancement completed'''<br/>
Our team Apex has submit Engine Enhancement assignment with the tag "EngineEnhancement" on the group repository on Nov 27th, 2015.<br/>
Please look at the section above in details.
 '''Lab completed'''*Ashley: Lab2, 4, 5, 7, 10, OpenGL lab8 and 9<Lab workloadbr/>*Eunju: Lab1, 3, 6, 8, 9, OpenGL lab7 and 10<br/> <br/>'''Lab Workload Plan'''
*Anybody: lab1(Eunju)<br/>
*AshelyAshley: lab2,5,8<br/>
*Eunju: lab3,6,9<br/>
*<s>Frank: lab4,7,10</s><br/><br/>
<br{| class="wikitable sortable" border="1" cellpadding="5"|+ ! Tasks !! Assigned !! Completed Status !! Due date|-| Lab 1 || Eunju || Yes 2015-09-25 || 2015-09-25|-| Lab 2 || Ashley || Yes 2015-10-02 || 2015-10-02|-| Lab 3 || Eunju || Yes 2015-10-17 || 2015-10-09|-| Submit Proposal />Research Document || Group|| YES ||Friday October 16th, 2015BitBucket Fetching a remote reference<br/>|-| Lab 4 || Ashley || Yes 2015-11-03(late because of team member set back) || 2015-10-16|-| Lab 5 || Ashley || Yes 2015-11-03 || 2015-11-03|-| Lab 6 || Eunju || Yes 2015-11-07(1 min late because of merging issue) || 2015-11-06|-| Lab 7 || Ashley|| Yes 2015-11-13 || 2015-11-13|-| Lab 8 || Eunju || Yes 2015-11-20 || 2015-11-20|-| Lab 9 || Eunju || Yes 2015-11-26 || 2015-11-27|-| Lab 10 || Ashley || Yes 2015-12-04 ||2015-12-04|-| OpenGL Lab7 || Eunju || Yes Code 2015-12-13 ||2015-11-13|-| OpenGL Lab8 || Ashley || Yes Code 2015-12-13 ||2015-11-20|-| OpenGL Lab9 || Ashley || Yes Code 2015-12-13 ||2015-11-27|-| OpenGL Lab10 || Eunju|| Yes Code 2015-12-13 ||2015-12-04|-| Submit Engine Enhancement|| Group|| YES ||Friday December 4th, 2015|-a| Submit Project (completed engine) || Group || YES ||Sunday December 13th, 2015|-remote/

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