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Unfortunately, to compile a compiler with MultiLib support, one would need to use another existing on the system compiler with MultiLib. Since out gcc was build without such support, it doesn't come with the required libraries. We have two options here. Wither use Fedora gcc, or see if we can use APM drop gcc. First, we tried to use Fedora gcc as that MultiLib compiler. Unfortunately, building gcc using that Fedora compiler crashes with a message "C compiler cannot create executables". This problem is believed to occur if there are missing or corrupted libgcc, gcc-c++ and/or libstdc++ packages on the system. Reinstalling those packages on LEAP system didn't help.
We tried to use APM drop gcc, but it would crash pretty quickly as well, with the message "error: gmp.h header not found". Unfortunately, reinstalling gmp and gmp-devel packages did not solve this problem.
With the freshly installed Fedora 21, and fully installed gcc package from Fedora repos, we tried to build gcc again. This time it broke while trying to build "libgomp". Checking the build logs showed that the problem is: "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lgcc_s". The file "libgcc_s" is present in /usr/lib64/, which is the default. Somehow, the linker still doesn't find it. On the following screenshot, you can see the building error (left), the build log with the exact error (middle), and the corresponding code within the configure file (located at "rpmbuild/BUILD/gcc-4.9.2-20150212/libgomp/").
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