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This page describes the process of creating ILP32 support for LEAP.
Current state:
At the current state, gcc-ilp32 is created to be correctly installed in the separate tree (/opt/ilp32/). It correctly produces Aarch64ELF32 files, using the technique, describe below in "Testing ILP32" section. Binutils 2.24 were created to provide scripts that are needed by the linker to work with ILP32 files.
To do:
Currently, we are missing some 32-bit C/C++ libraries. To successfully produce them, we need to compile GCC in MultiLib mode. Unfortunately, to compile a compiler with MultiLib support, one would need to use another existing on the system compiler with MultiLib. Currently, we are trying to use Fedora gcc as that MultiLib compiler. Unfortunately, compilation, using that Fedora compiler crashes with a message "C compiler cannot create executables". This problem is believed to occur if there are missing or corrupted libgcc, gcc-c++ and/or libstdc++ packages on the system. reinstalling those packages on LEAP system didn't help.
Next steps:
We are installing Fedora 22 on one of the builders to have a clean install with Fedora gcc. Then we will try to build our MultiLib capable gcc on that system. When succeeded, we will install our gcc on a LEAP builder, change the spec file for gcc to point towards that MultiLib capable gcc, and produce the final version of our gcc.
Old information (outdated, kept here for reference/info):

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